Hospitality Committee

Thank you very much for faithfulness to your ministry.

rright The Diocese has an on-line list of the guidelines for your ministry.

In addition to this, Resurrection also has a few guidelines:

  •     Arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass
  •     Guide the people all the way to their seats
  •     Handout a welcome brochure to people that identify themselves as being here for the first time and are moving here
  •     Count the congregation at each Mass to provide for diocesan reports
  •     Assist families with "loud" children to the Angel room
  •     Be aware of the location of the following for people that request them:
            Tissues (especially people with gum)
            Registration cards
            Welcome brochures
  •     After the Mass
            Shut off lights to conserve electricity
            Close all outside double doors after each Mass to preserve air conditioning
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